Thursday, January 5, 2012

Assignment BEL 260 yang agak2 hipokrit aku buat

Money or Love?(ofcos la aku pilih love sebenanye iyelah without Love mana boleh hidup bro for example GOd love,parents love, Awak's love) hehe...;)

Money, money, money, money!

Have you ever wonder, wether money or love is more important? No? Congratulation because starting from now you will always thinks about it. First, we have to know the definition of money and love. According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, money is what you earn by working and what you spend in order to buy things while love have a very complex definition because it is related to situation and condition of a person. The question is. If you have the choice or power to choose, would you rather go for romance or bucks?

Me? I choose money(serious tipu)

Firstly, money is a basic need for human. This is because in providing food, clothes and shelter for humankind money is required. For an example, in China, people are selfish and only care for themselves. This is shown by the incident happened last year when a video of a two-year old hit by a van was uploaded in the Internet. This incident stirred up global attention when the culprit answer that he is not trying to help because he will have to pay for the treatment for the victim. This shows us how people are more concern about money than love. Obviously, it is true that money is a basic need for human.

Money can also trigger others to love us more. It is clearly shown that people will be happy if we buy gift or give surprise to them which of course needed money for us to go with the plan. As example, in order to make us happy, our parents will always provide us something that they think is good for us or can make us happy. Even though they have to buy a present which will cost them a whole lot of their money, they will just happily go with it because they know that it will make us happy and love them more. Clearly shown they are using money to trigger us to love them more. So, it is true that money can trigger others to love us more.

Finally, money in no doubt can make us happy. This is because with a lot of money we can buy our dream house, cars, go holidays at our dream destination and a whole lot more of other fine things. If we have money, we can bring our family to Mecca and proceed with Umrah and Hajji. This definitely will make them happy and in no time will also make us happy because you are going to be happy when you see someone you love is happy. It is a kill two birds with one stone situation. Therefore, money can make us happy.

However love is also important in our life just like what Billy Joel sang in his song, Money or love. So although that money is important we also have to find and appreciate the loves that come into our life. Love is also already around such as God love, parent’s love, brotherly love and friendly love. Moreover, people also willingly sacrifice themselves for love. So it is clearly shown that although money is important, love is also important in our life.

As a conclusion it is very true in so many other ways that money can bring us happiness although there are lots of conversations or discussions about love being more important than money. It is crystal clear that money is not everything but everything needs money. So, before we go for love, think about it twice and make your move!

Memey la(ayat2 popular budak2 sekarang) kalo tade duit macamane nak find your love haa? haha. nak pegi TBS pun tak boleh kalo cmtu. lol. ;) muahahahahahahahahahaha.

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