Saturday, February 14, 2009

once a victorian, u r always victorian.


for some reason i cant explain....(congrate coldplay)
for the grammy awards.
they got three awards lo.

last friday ar...ive been pow!
sadly, i lost my handphone n rm100.
im panic at the moment u knw.
so, i cant fight. but i learned something..just shout as loud as u can if there is
some strangers grabbed u.

nvm..maybe because lately ive made a lot of sin to Allah.
im sorry Allah. please forgive me. n please blessed me n all muslim
to make your heaven. amin!

okeys..just as the title..this story should wrote about victoria.
its name no longer smk victoria. attention! the name is victoria institution
starting frm yesterday. dont believe ar? see the paper for this day(15/2/2009)

n oso if u have a lot of time...

visit this.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

be yet wiser(victoria logos)=which mean im victorian!


as u all knw. im finaly a victorian.

u knw whut..its a little tired..n everyone seem like can speak
in english very well..

so im a bit SHY!
nvm...idin says just speak..let them be if they wanna laugh...

ok! thts my new fren...

there is about 40.
haha..quickly make fren aint me?
in just 1 week..but they r just classmate..number of fren i can
depend to is about 15 like tht.

it is...madi,paklan,kecik,daniel,hariss,idin,zuhair,amzar,zafri,aqil,afiq,suhair,alep,khalis,hambali...
parchiban n so on la. wut? no gurlz? was an all boy school except form6(there were so
many sister the university like...=P)

anywaz...i dont have many things to talk to here...