Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheese Burger

1)Bun,Ground Beef,Tomato,Salt,Blackpepper,Cheese.

2)Prepare the Bun.

3)Round shaped the burger in your palm.

4)Rest the burger shaped ground beef for a while.

5)Put some cheese on the center of the (burger shaped)ground beef.

6)Again repeat step 3 and put the burger on top of the burger
with cheese(mcm karipap la :D)

7)Heat your pan,put some olive oil and cook your burger.

8)Put some salt,blackpepper while cooking.

9)Rare,Half Done or Well Done. You choose it. :)

10)Potong some tomato and throw it away...hehe joke joke. :D put it inside your bun.

11)Serve well.

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