Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vacation Fraser Hill Yang Men Gila :D

Bukit Fraser.
Yes, last week, all of us went to Fraser Hill. the scenery there is like" I give 5 STAR!"
To all Flower lovver. take a chance to get there. quite MARVELOUS :)
This kind of picture. i have to set it to macro focus. then try to get the right angle
so that the pictures appear is like.........OH! SNAP! :)
Dad is very good with rifle,guns. but when in archery,he is not that pro. i dunno why. maybe because...err he said this "ayah nampak harimau belakang board" LOL!
My Board
Not to brag or show off but this is the truth. I Love Archery because i get the lucky shot there :D


  1. Cehhh untung lah kannn :-D


  2. ahahahaah~ juz like me~ i love bowling coz i get the lucky strike there~ XD

  3. hahaha. main bowling awal2 best sbb jari blom saket. bile dah saket mmg la :D

  4. saya ni nama je duduk pahang tapi tak pernah jejak pun lagi..
    InsyaAllah satu hari nanti :D

  5. pi lah. dkt sane mmg cun :) amek gmbar mmg terbaek lah.