Wednesday, February 11, 2009

be yet wiser(victoria logos)=which mean im victorian!


as u all knw. im finaly a victorian.

u knw whut..its a little tired..n everyone seem like can speak
in english very well..

so im a bit SHY!
nvm...idin says just speak..let them be if they wanna laugh...

ok! thts my new fren...

there is about 40.
haha..quickly make fren aint me?
in just 1 week..but they r just classmate..number of fren i can
depend to is about 15 like tht.

it is...madi,paklan,kecik,daniel,hariss,idin,zuhair,amzar,zafri,aqil,afiq,suhair,alep,khalis,hambali...
parchiban n so on la. wut? no gurlz? was an all boy school except form6(there were so
many sister the university like...=P)

anywaz...i dont have many things to talk to here...

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